$30 – $100 a Day Googling Work From Home Jobs 2019 (Work At Home)


It looks like they pay $7 an hour in India, $14 an hour in Europe, so basically it’s between 20th and one oh eight a day

We’re going to be talking about how you can make between 28 and hundred and $8 a day working from home if you like, making money from home.

the company that we’re going to be talking about today is one of the best work from home jobs that you can imagine. It’s a company called [inaudible]. You may have heard of it, you might not have heard of it. But in this video I’m going to show you how much money you can make. I’ve done a lot of research. I’m actually going to show you how you can apply and what sort of jobs are available on Eben. So the, firstly their website is [inaudible] dot com so a p p e n.com and the kind of jobs that are available on app and are everything that you can do from home. So if you’re looking for a job or for work that you can do from home, then you definitely should consider happen. They are 100% legitimate and they’re offer very broad variety of jobs. Now, first of all, what I want to show you is the kind of seller or the kind of money that people are making on epic And for that you can, you can do your own research, but I’ve done that research for you. Uh, one of the most common types of jobs on epipen that you can work from home is a search engine evaluator and the kind of salaries that you can make for that, that the people who are already doing these jobs are reporting on Quora I think are reasonably good. So as you can see, it’s $7 per hour for, uh, people in India, in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Egypt, and so on. And uh, approximately 13 and a half to 15, sorry, 13 and a half to 14 and a half dollars per hour for Americans, Canadians, English and Europeans, et Cetera. Um, I mean, look, in Australia, if you think about it, our medium salary, if you work in a restaurant or something like that, is actually lower than, well, they, you know, then 13 or 14 American doulas per hour

So this money is actually quite good. And my understanding is that for some people who are located in other countries like India and the Philippines, $7 an hour is actually reasonably good. Okay. Now let’s talk about what search engine evaluators actually do. So what you would do is if you’re accepted by and to be a search engine evaluator, then you would basically validate search engine results. So for example, you might be given a page, maybe from Google or from another search engine and it might look like this, you know, it could be result for best baby strollers or something like that. And you might be given a page of results and you will need to go in and check with it. You think that this result is accurate and relevant or not. Okay. Each of these results. So that’s the kind of work. It’s very simple

There are no special skills required and uh, you can do these kinds of work from home in your own time. There is no set hours, you don’t need to go to the office or anything like that. Okay. So that’s the good thing about it. And, uh, now I want to show you what kind of jobs are actually available at EP. And I know that a lot of the followers on my channel, a lot of people who watch my videos are located in India, for example. So let’s just out of interest, let’s check what kind of jobs are available in India. Okay. So you can go into um, epic.com and then just click the search jobs and then you will be able to look for the jobs. So I’m going to go and select India

Okay. You can see that there are six jobs that are currently available in India. Social media value editor, web search, evaluate that which we just talked about. Social Media evaluator would be very, very similar to a search. Evaluate the, you would just do it on social media and as you can see, the description of this work is a qualifications currently living or permanently permanent to work in India. Access to a computer with the sound Canon speakers, access to secure high speed Internet connection. Basically level of computer operational knowledge, good English writing skills. That’s all that’s required guys. I mean that’s, you know, it’s, it’s really, really good that you don’t have to have too many qualifications or, or you know, any crazy experience to be a search engine, evaluate and be able to work from home. Now out of interest, let’s just look at another country

I know that a lot of you guys are located in the United States. Okay. So let’s just look at United States. There are a few different locations that you can choose for the United States. I think I’ve chosen them all. All right, so as you can see from the United States, there are actually 40 jobs that are available. So there are um, a few more than in India. Okay. And once again you can go through and a lot of these, for example, search social media evaluator, that would be the type of work that you can work from home. It’s one of the jobs that you can work from home. Okay. There is, there are more social media validators. There are actually lots of social media evaluator jobs that are available for those who live in the u s and guys. I’ve done a lot of search and kind of getting ready for this article

Um, basically for Australia, the same thing. You know, if you look at Australia and you choose the Australian locations, there are lots of jobs here. Actually 113 that are available for those who are based in Australia. So pretty much no matter which country in the world you are, you know, I’ve checked Philippines and so on. I won’t bore you with the details now, but there are lots and lots of jobs that you can do from home that, that pay really well. Now another thing that I want to show you is some of you may have heard of a company called leap force. So at Penn has actually just acquired lead for us live force was another similar agency that used to offer work from home opportunities and uh, offer, you know, others to, to be search engine, Valeo does, et Cetera, et cetera. So leap fours was actually accredited or is accredited by better business bureau

Okay. So they’ve been accredited since 2011. So for seven years now they have a BBB rating. So it’s a trust where the company and um, you know, you can have certainty that this is a legitimate company. It’s not a company that will rip you off or anything like that, both leap force and apen. And now that they’ve actually merged app and is um, probably the leading company in the world for work from home jobs. Uh, they offer some of the best opportunities and their pay is really, really good for people located in various parts of the world. So as you can see, you know, this is definitely worth actually going through and applying. If you’re looking for work from home, uh, types of opportunities. So how do you actually apply and get accepted into happen? So you would need to, from their home page, you would need to click on this button called find flexible jobs that will open up the job search

Then you will need to go and choose your job locations. So whichever country in the world you are. And like I said, there are tons of jobs available in pretty much any country in the world. And let’s just say that you are located in United States or let’s go with United Kingdom. We haven’t looked at United Kingdom yet. Okay. So there are seven jobs available in the United Kingdom and probably the simplest and easiest one would be web search evaluated time. So you would do that, then read the requirements and click apply and you will be then asked to create an account that [inaudible] and you know, you can then fill out all of your information and apply to be a part of the team. Now another question that I always get asked with these kinds of videos is how much money can actually make. So let’s just talk about this

Okay. So as we know, based on these four posts, it’s between $7 and $1450 per hour. So let’s just write that down. Okay, so seven to $1450 per hour. Now I have also done research on various places and basically the kind of work that you are able to get at is ranges. You know, somewhere between four to eight hours a day that you may be able to get, uh, if you are successful for one of these positions with epon. So is between four hours to eight hours, good day. And you know, if we calculate how much that might actually translate. So if you do seven times four, so that’s kind of the worst case scenario. You know, if you’re like at an encounter that pays a little bit less and you do only four hours, you can still make something like close to, well it’s 28, but let’s just rounded to $30 per day

And if y’all like eds and then one of the countries that got a car cost the link and pays a little bit more. So if $1450 per hour and you do end up making something like eight hours in a day, then you’re looking at know, call it 15 times eight. So that’s basically approximately 120 years, the per day that you got potential of making. So whichever one it is, you know, anywhere from $30 to $120 a day. I mean, I think this is excellent for a simple kind of an opportunity for a legitimate opportunity for you to work from home. So, um, I’m hoping that you guys found this useful. I think that this is an excellent company to keep in mind and apply for. Uh, this is something that you can easily do and requires no special skills. And it’s actually kind of interesting. I think that same guys, if you enjoyed this video, then click the like button just below this video and click the subscribe icon on this screen to make sure that you get notified about my future videos. Also hit the bell notification icon to make sure that you get a notification into your inbox. As soon as I upload my next video on this channel, I gather waste to make money online waste to make money from home blogging and getting traffic to your niche websites. So let’s stay connected. Hope you enjoyed the article.


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