7 Work From Home Jobs 2019 (Paying $10-$30 an Hour or More)


In this article we’re going to be talking about work from home jobs that you can do it in 2019 many of these jobs pay 10 to $30 an hour or even more

So method number one to make money working from home is to do usability testing. Usability testing is an amazing way to make money from home. You can get paid as much as $10 for a quick 20 minutes test. Okay? And all you need to do as a usability test that is to browse the website and complete an assigned task. So for example, when I signed up, I needed to complete a task, which was to find opening hours of the particular business that I was looking at And you can get paid $10 for just that quick 20 minute task at the end of the task. You just need to submit your feedback and tell the business whether it was easy or hard to actually do. And whether you managed to find the opening hours and how your experience with a website was. One of the websites we can start doing usability testing and getting paid is usertesting.com so you can just type it into Google user testing or go to usertesting.com in your browser and then click on this menu item here. Get paid to test. You can see here that you can earn up to $60 per test. All right? Will you need to do is just visit a website or an app, complete a set of tasks, speaking your thoughts out loud, record it, then submit that feedback and get paid. Okay, so you can sign up there how it works

Easy. You can get $10 by paypal for every 20 minute video you complete. So the more of these you do, the more money you can make. It’s as simple as that. You can just go there, sign up and start doing these tests. Method number two, to make money working from home is to become a social media manager. Social media is huge. You probably already know that. Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter and Linkedin, they just keep growing in popularity more and more and more every busing month. So a lot of businesses and actually myself included, need help to manage our social media. Everybody’s too busy. The businesses are way too busy local businesses way too busy. Bloggers are way too busy to actually regularly post on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, but you know 99% of businesses want to grow their social media reach and so their social media profiles and traffic, so more and more businesses are actually looking to outsource their social media

So what you would do as a social media manager is you would be posting on their social media profiles and you would also be doing various tasks to grow their followers on Facebook, on Pinterest, on Twitter, etc. As a social media manager, you can easily make from 10 to $30 an hour or even more, or you can build your own business and actually charge clients even more for doing those that work for them. First of all, let me show you something. I’ve gone to upwork.com it’s a website where you can look for social media contracts and merits other freelancing contracts and I’ve just typed in social media manager into the search bar. You can see that there are a lot of profiles. All right, like these for example here that are charging $20 or 1875 an hour and many of them charge 25 or even more and you can see that a lot of people have actually made a lot of money being a social media manager

So this particular profile earned over $30,000 over $40,000 and so on. So there is definitely a high demand for this. Also, as an example, if you do want to set up your own business doing social media management, then you can actually do these as your own business. So to do that here is, you know I just did a quick search on Google for Pinterest account management and this was one of the results. You can see that there are various packages like 300 pounds per month and 550 pounds per month and 850 pounds per month. So as you develop your skills as a social media manager in this instance Pinterest manager, you can actually charge businesses a lot of money to do these tasks for them. And Trust me there is huge demand because I currently myself have someone who does social media management for me and I’m paying similar amounts of money’s

There is massive demand for this work from home. Job Number three is to be a translator. There is big demand. You don’t need any special skills aside from knowing another language. So if you are not from an English speaking country or maybe even if you are from an English speaking country, but you know another language, this is a great opportunity for you to earn money working from home. And the rates again vary from 10 to $30 an hour for doing translating tasks. Let’s just once again jump, jump into upwork and let’s start being translator into upwork and let’s see what comes up. Okay. So you can see the raw $30 per hour, $35 per hour, $50 per hour profiles. Again, that’s people speaking various languages, Czech language, okay. He has Spanish and Castilian languages, Swedish, gay and a lot of people have made a lot of money

You can see $80,000 $20,000 $30,000 thousand dollars $90,000 earned just by doing this translation jobs. So once you’ve got experience, you can register on upwork. Once you’ve got that experience, okay, you can charge really good money for doing translation. Number four on my list of work from home jobs is customer service. There is huge demand. Once again, for customer service. I’ve got a customer service person who works for me full time. We’re actually sharing that person with my business partner and the rights are between 10 to $20 an hour. Literally anybody can do customer service. You know, this is quite um, easy occupation to get into. You don’t need any professional qualifications, you just need to be responsive and you need to um, answer tickets in the help desk and you need to answer email inquiries. And various other easy work. All right, and you can get paid 10 to $20 an hour doing this

Once again here on upwork, let’s do quick search for customer service and let’s see what actually pops up. You can see a lot of profiles that are based in the Philippines. Here they’re charging six to $7 per hour, but there are actually, there are, there are some that are doing $10 an hour. So once you’ve got that extra bit of experience, a person is based in the Philippines charging $10 an hour has earned over $80,000 so clearly once you are good, once you start getting some good feedback from your customers, you can start charging more and more. Now also a lot of times people are actually looking for customer service personnel who are based in a particular country, perhaps in an English speaking country. So let me just show you something here. If I applied the location, United States filter, then you will be able to see that there are a lot of profiles here that are charging 17 1825 and more per hour

So if you are located in the United States or perhaps England or Australia, you can actually charge a higher amount just because a lot of times businesses are looking for work. All the customer service representatives, I often get asked, well, how do I actually start? Because right now on upwork, obviously if you register, you don’t have any anything on your profile. So I recommend actually doing some free work. So apply for contracts, um, and tell them that you’d like to work for them for free for a period of time, just so that you can get experience and you can get the feedback. Then you can start charging money. The job number five that you can do working from home is a web or blog writer. So I regularly pay my writers anywhere from 10 to a hundred dollars per every 1000 words for the blog content

It just depends on the niche and the complexity of it. So more technical content. For my online marketing blog, I pay, you know, closer to a hundred, but every 1000 words. For other blogs, I pay a closer to sort of 10 or $20 per 1000 words, so you can actually write content for others. Once again, you can register on upwork and you can start finding customers that way. If you enjoyed writing, then blogging would be my number six recommendation for how to work from home and make money. Many bloggers make over a hundred k a year. I personally sort of am in that category. I make a little bit more than a hundred k a year doing these many bloggers make over a hundred thousand a month. So what involves, what is involved with blogging is to create written content about various topics, publish them on your blog, and then you monetize your content through in content ads and affiliate links

So if you enjoy writing, then blogging is actually possibly a very, very good opportunity that you might want to look into. A lot of people hate writing content, but are comfortable on camera. Perhaps more of an outgoing type. You know, you like to be in the front of the camera. If that’s the case, you might want to consider becoming a youtube because youtube can be a very, very profitable source of income. Currently, I do youtube just like as a as my part time sort of side of my business, but I am making several thousand dollars a month from youtube. Okay, and what you would do is you would create videos on popular topics. There are ways to research what those topics are and you can monetize your videos on youtube. Once you’ve got certain amount of views, you can apply to become what’s called youtube partner and as a youtube partner, Youtube will actually pay you per view for every view that your video generates

You can also monetize your videos in other ways like inserting affiliate links, building your email list and more. But Youtube is a very, very powerful way to build your business and start making money online working from home, while technically it’s not really a job because you’d be running your own business, so you’d be self-employed, but it is a very, very powerful thing that you can actually do.



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