FREE Paypal Money ($720 In 1 Hour Of Work)


I’m going to show you how I made $720 in just one hour of work

You can do this for free anywhere in the world and your money will come directly to your paypal account and all you need to do this is a laptop, an internet connection

Well, this article is going to be perfect for you. As I said in the beginning, I made a $720 for just one hour of work. And this is pretty simple. However, there are some qualifications that you need in order to do this. And I’m going to share those at the end of this video. So if you stay to the end, I’m going to share all the secrets of how I made this right now. So the first step that you have to do is that you have to go to [inaudible] dot com and is a list of new product launches or new products that’s launching to the market right now in the Internet marketing space or how to make money online are Shopify, Amazon, FBA. All of that kind of goes under Internet marketing. But as you can see, there are tons of different products launching

So you can see big launches right here, Allie G. And we’re going to come back to all the g actually and um, first page ranker, Simon, uh, is a launching for tuna, Josh, a SA launching and my video spy and a bunch of these products launching. So let’s say all the G and first page rank or for example, well, what happens when this product is a launching is that a ton of different people will promote this product right here. You might have joined an email list and stuff like that and you might get spammed with all these different internet marketers spamming you about first page rank or first base [inaudible]. You should take it out now. Usually check out my bonuses and and, and all that stuff. Now what actually happens a lot of times is that they will get an email about first page ranker and then they’re like, okay, this sounds cool, but I should watch a review first

So what they basically do is that they will go into youtube and they will search for first page rank or red view will. Since the name of this product, it’s a little bit too long. I want to search Ali g at the end to see if we get more about is just going to get us all agg, the bucking Barat. Since we couldn’t find anything about all the g and this one, let’s try to borate review. So right here, as you can see, this launched this today. This is the fifth and as you can see an hour ago, people will start a post thing at these tuber raid reviews on youtube and these since it’s literally a few hours ago that the product launched and these will start getting more and more views. And what happens since there’s so much hype building up about this product launches is that a lot of people end up on this article right here And what they do on this video is say if you stay to the end of this video, I will give you a ton of different bonuses that will make this a lot better. If you’re thinking about buying it, you get all of these bonuses that are two times, three times, four times as valuable than the course. And what happens is that they stay and watched a review of the software, the product, and then at the end you start pitching them about the product and a lot of people end up buying. So I’m going to show you an example of what I did and that was actually all egs other products, video marketing blaster and if you search for video marketing blasts or right here you can see that seven months ago I posted this 18 minute long video and if we just go into the video, I’m going to show all I’m doing in this video and you don’t even have to be on camera right here

All I’m doing is this is for you. If you’re looking to rank on youtube, if you’re looking to blast out a ton of different videos, this is for you. If you’re looking to have a software that does all of this automatically for you because in today’s video I’m going to review video marketing blaster and I basically all I doing is going through the software right here so you can see like the dashboard. I explained what the dashboard is, I explained what the keywords are about video details, the niche analysis, the rank tracker, the entire software. I’m just explaining how it works and why this is a great tool for them. If they want to do keyword research on Youtube and at the end of this video I will tell them basically so you see and what the software does and if you want to buy it, I’ve actually added a ton of different bonuses that will make this product a lot better

And then I go into the pitch where I basically, I’m going to show you, uh, basically here is what this does Harris, another free bonus. You’re getting a 200 video ideas in five minutes is a real really nice bonus that I have. And then I give them my thumbnail Photoshop file so they can make dumb nails really quickly. And then I have it video review templates and I have a viral video script that they can use and copy some giving away a ton of valuable bonuses that they can add that adds a ton of value to the product itself. And then I say, this is only happening right now. And if you use Cody or if you use the code and the VIP, you will actually save $10 off. And this is something I set up with all the g. Now that is the gist of it

Basically I’ll all, all you have to do at the end is to sell the product. And then there’s a bunch of upsells. So I’m talking about if they want to upgrade to this package or that package or this package, they get this and it costs this and I just want to be as transparent as possible, you know, and at the end, basically it go into description right now get this and this and this and this. Enter your paypal account or details right here. And that is the end of the video. So very simply, just going through a software and at the end just pitching and giving away a ton of bonuses. And the good thing about this, and this is what I love so much, this is a lot of passive income. As you can see, December, 2018 I got 400 views or 500 views the first few days, which was super low for me at the time and then I seem to see it just grows months over month over month. It just grows and grows and grows without me having to do anything about it because if the software is good, there will still be people using it. There will still be people promoting it [inaudible] there’s still be people that will go and search a video marketing blast to review and what makes this strategy so good is that this is passive income. As you know, I made $720 and I actually made kind of like a, I think $200 the first week I promoted this and the last like $500 came after the first week they came literally last month for just this product alone. I think I made $150 and that’s $150 straight into my paypal account

Without me having to do any work seven months later. Isn’t that crazy? And the crazy part I started, you can do this for all of these different products that are launching on JV zoo or warrior plus and get paid directly to your paypal account. And for these products there are something called review access and review. Access is basically you get access to the products and you can review the product and then to make a video like this, and that is what I got from all the Eg. I contacted him, I said, hey, I got a little youtube channel. It’s about affiliate marketing and stuff like that. Would you mind giving me a review access to your product so I can review it and promote your product? And of course he said yes. He took a look on my youtube channel and he saw that I was legit and I didn’t want it to help people and he gave me access to his product


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