How To Find A Niche For Affiliate Marketing And Blogging


If you’re doing affiliate marketing or blogging, you probably want to find a niche that is profitable. In this article, we’re going to be talking about how to find those niches that can generate $1,000 a day or more. Why is it important to find a profitable niche? I am here inside my JV zoo account and if I choose to show you my lifetime earnings all time refresh, you will see that in total I’ve made $149,000 in commissions on JV Zoo for this particular niche. You can see it that I have sent a total of 146,000 clicks to various offers in this niche, and on average, I earned approximately $1 per every click that I sinned in this niche. If I had made a wrong niche selection and I was promoting products in a completely different niche on a different network and the earnings per visitor, let’s say, what 10 cents that I would have only made $14,000 from this 146,000 clicks instead of 149,000 so being in the right niche is critical to making a good amount of money as a niche market.

first of all, let’s talk about what is a niche. Here is an example. There are thousands of people searching for solutions to a problem of how to get back with their ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, husband or wife. So they open up Google and they type in something like how to get your ex back. This exact search just in the United States alone generates 6,400 searches per month. And if we add up all of the related keywords, you will see there are 2,246 keywords and there are tens of thousands of searches that are being made every single month just in the u s alone. So how to get your ex back ease a huge niche. Let’s have a look at the results. On the first page of Google, we see several websites. One of them is and another one is my ex back as you probably know, cosmopolitan is a huge publication and they publish tons of content in all different sorts of niches and topics

If you’re an individual who wants to make money online, it would be very hard for you to start a website similar to cosmopolitan. You simply don’t have dozens of writers and big budgets to actually make that kind of website work. Let’s have a look at this other website, my ex back now these website ease a niche website and it is in a particular niche of relationships and especially in the sub niche of how to rekindle those relationships and get back your husband, wife or ex spouse. In fact, if we look at their website, we will actually be able to see that they are getting a lot of traffic and I would suggest that they’re probably making a good amount of money from their website as well. They are currently ranking 30,000 or getting keywords and you can see it that they only started this website around January, 2018 so just over a year ago

And the good news is that you can also start a similar website and get similar results in a relatively short amount of time. There is nothing complicated about the content that they produce. It does not require any marketing budget and pretty much anyone can set up a similar website. Okay, so now we know that is not a niche website, but my ex back is a niche website and their niche is relationship and the sub niche is how to get back with your ex spouse, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, et cetera. There are hundreds of different niche ideas out there and in this video we’re going to be talking about how you can find one of these niche ideas where you can make at least a thousand dollars a day or more for your own niche website or blog. One of the simplest ways to get started is to actually look at one of the networks that connect vendors of digital products with affiliates

Let’s check out clickbank marketplace. I’m going to run an advanced search without any keywords. I’m going to cite that I want gravity over 40 and I’m going to hit search. You can see there are 66 offers that currently match that search criteria. Let’s go down the list as you’re scrolling down through the results. Each of these products ease in a potential niche that you might want to investigate. For example, this Cinderella solution is a women’s weight loss product. Women’s weight loss is an example of a niche. There is a product in a numerology niche. It also sells really well. The right, at least 200 affiliates that have promoted it recently and successfully made sales and a numerology niche is also a good possible niche. But since we started with an example of the relationship niche, guess what? There is an offer that is converting very well called his secret obsession

Let’s take a look at the affiliate page right here and open it in a new tab. You will notice these 83% average percentage per sale. That means that whenever each, these often buys out 83% in commissions to anyone who refers a sale and initial dollars per sale. So that initial commission on average is $45 so if you refer a visitor to this offer and they end up buying these all Phi, you will get paid and average commission of $45 that’s not bad at all. And as you can see, these gravity score here of 120 means that approximately 120 a females have promoted these offers successfully in the past eight weeks and have recorded a sale. They’re filling the information by age often contains a lot of useful information. If I scroll down, I’ll be able to find some information here that says that there was an early offer of this program and happy to say that it did over a $1 and 59 cents earnings per click

That means that if you refer some traffic to this offer from your website, you’re likely to see similar kinds of earnings per click as long as your traffic is targeted. To me, this indicates that this product is a high converting product and this niche is definitely worth considering. I’ve just shown you how to perform this. Step one are finding in each idea on clickbank, but you can also easily do it on other networks such as share a sale and Commission in share a sale. As you scroll down through the office, you will be able to find similar amount of information and any expert League 120 that means that per 100 colleagues you can make $120 so that’s approximately dollar 20 per click. So to find your initial niche idea, you can use either of those three websites or another network of your choice. During my niche research phase, I like to keep track of all of my information in a spreadsheet with a format similar to these niche names

So I’ve put in how to get your rights back. I feel like offer for now, I’ve pulled clickbank, his secret obsession and any earnings per click information that I can find. And so far it seems that these offer converts at approximately $1. The next step, step number two, is to find additional affiliate offers to promote further down the track. The reason we do these ease, it’s good to have a variety of affiliate offers to promote to your audience. Once you start getting your audience, once you start building an email list. So let’s just once again talk about the basic business plan for having a niche website or blog and how to make money with it. So the very first thing that you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be publishing content about problems and solutions. For example, the problem might be how to get your ex boyfriend back

Okay? And the solution could be do thing number one, number two and number three. So people are going to be searching for those problems and solutions to them and they’re going to come to your website. That’s how you get the initial traffic. The second step is to offer them to join your email list. That’s the most critical part of running a niche website where a blog is to actually build that targeted email list. So a good percentage of people to aim for is between three to 5% of everyone who comes to your website should be joining your email list. And then after you’ve got them on your email list, you need to mail them affiliate offers. Okay? So that is when you actually make the money, you get them onto your email list and then you send targeted promotions to your email list. So offer them solutions and they will buy

And that is why you need multiple affiliate offers. You can’t make enough money with just one offer if there’s only one offer that you’re going to be promoting after you have promoted this one, the very first offer several times to your audience, anyone who wanted it would have already bought and this is exactly why it’s actually a good idea to have several affiliate offers that are converting very well to be able to promote them all to your email list and on your website. So going back to this secret obsession or five, we’ll be able to see that is in the category of marriage and relationships. Let’s see if there are any other good offers in the marriage and relationship space. I’m going to click into self-help and marriage and relationships and from here I can see that there are several offers that I can promote

The very first one that we talked about, his secret obsession. Then there is also text chemist, chemist, text, chemist, chemist. Then there is also decks chemistry, which is actually really good because it means that anyone who has bought these secret obsession or fun might also buy in additional to the secret a position or fun this guide that talks about how to text in a romantic sense. In total, they seem to be four offers just on clickbank that I will be able to promote to my audience. If for example I have built an email list, I can just put them through an automated order, respond to series promoting each of these offers over three or four days each and I would be able to make commissions on four different offers, not on just one. So what I will typically do is enter all of that information, niche name I feel it offers, so all four offers and also any earnings per click information that I can find on the affiliate pages of those offers

If you’re struggling to find any additional affiliate offers, the right couple of things that you can do. One is you can reverse engineer what are this promote. You can join email lists on other niche websites within that niche and find out what kind of things they start emailing you over the coming days. For example, you could open one of these other results that came up on the search page and as you investigate these websites you will be able to see that at the bottom of the article they are offering to join their email list. So you could just come here, Auntie, a name, anterior email, and then you will be able to join their email list and see what kind of offers they’re actually promoting. The logic here is that if another successful website is promoting certain offers, they must be converting quite well. So you can do the same with yours

Okay. So far we know that we have found a decent niche and we’ve also found some decent affiliate products to promote with that niche. Now the big question is, will we be able to get traffic to our niche website, our niche blog, and will we be able to convert that traffic into those sales? So these step number three is to actually find and verify the keywords and assess whether we’d be able to get the traffic. There are two things we’re going to be looking at and that’s volume and difficulty of those keywords. There is also a cool tool that I suggest that you might want to use called Uber suggest as you’re a member. One of the blogs that we think is probably doing quite well is this website called my ex back coach. I will take that URL and I will open up these Uber suggest slash Uber suggest and hit search to see what comes back

We’ve got some cool information here and mind you, this is actually 100% free. We can see that my ex back coach is getting approximately 40,000 organic monthly visitors. So for free there are 40,000 people who visit these websites and now the cool thing we should do is click on these organic keywords and actually see what kind of keywords this website is ranking for. Okay, we’re getting some amazing information here. You can see that we’re getting the keywords. So all of these 41,000 keywords, we’re also getting the approximate volume of monthly searches for each keyword and the position on which my ex back coach ranks for on page one of Google for each of those keywords. Also Uber suggest will give us the SEO difficulty, so how hard it would be for you if you started a website in these niche to actually also rank for these particular keywords on page one of Google

Anything that is green is reasonably easy to rank for. Okay, so we can see that how to make your ex miss you get 1,900 searches and has a green keyword difficulty of seven which means that it’s quite easy to rank for. If we open this keyword, how to make your ex miss you in Google, you will see that yes, my ex back coach is on page one and if you go for this particular keyword term and published some content on it, you will also have a really good chance of being there on page one. So as you can see we’ve got hundreds and hundreds and thousands of excellent keywords which are easy to rank for in this niche. This is a very good sign. You can also use another tool for this called age refs. They have a larger database. It is a paid tool, but in the end the choice is yours

Uber suggest gives amazing information for a free tool. You can also check out h refs and see if that works better for you. Step number four, and it is an optional step is to research two or three other niches, so repeat the whole process that I’ve shown in this video a couple of more times and see what else you might be able to find. If, for example, you were investigating a niche and it just looks very competitive or they’re not a lot of affiliate offers to promote, you might repeat this process another couple of times to find a niche that actually looks good, has got some great affiliate offers to promote as well as has got hundreds of keywords that appear green in Uber suggest that seem easy to rank for so that you can start getting that massive traffic to your affiliate links. Here is a recap of exactly the criteria that I normally look at when I help my students pick out their initiatives

So you want to have at least 100 easy targeted keywords that you might be able to get traffic with. You will also want to have at least one great affiliate offer. Having three, four or five affiliate offers to promote these amazing, and it means that you can make good money in this niche, that this niche has got the potential to be scaled up to at least a thousand dollars a day, which is what you want from affiliate marketing. And lastly, you also want to have ability to produce content. For example, you might figure out that how to be a lawyer is a good niche, but it would be very hard, at least for me personally, to write good content on how to be a lawyer or how to be an accountant simply because it requires some very specific knowledge and I don’t have that, so make sure that you are able to produce content in that niche before you actually start a blog or a niche website in that niche


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