How To Make Money On Instagram ($500 – $1k PER DAY 2019)


Three ways. Instagram influencers make money

we are going to teach you today how Instagram influencers make money, right? Because there was a, there was a study that was just a published recent seat, recent silly, uh, that said, people nowadays want to become influencers and youtube [inaudible] more than they want to become astronauts, right? Which is a crazy, which is a crazy kind of thing to say, right? But, uh, in today’s video we want to talk to someone who actually earns their full income from being an influencer, right? And we’re going to break down kind of how she got started. Uh, how you can get started as a complete beginner. Um, and then you know, what like literally how Instagram influencers and Youtube are, is, um, you know, in like the beauty space and like the fashion space, um, actually make money, right?

But these, these same ideas can be applied to any type of influencer. Um, and you know, how you got started and how you actually grew to the point you are now. Okay. Be applied to anyone as well. And so lily actually has both a, you know, a large youtube channel and, um, a large Instagram following as well. So we’re gonna break down kind of both and then the sources of income for each. And then we’re going to talk about, you know, how she actually went about doing that. So let’s start with Instagram, right? So let’s break down the main ways that Instagram influencers actually make money because I think it’s like such a mystery to people, like how people actually make money. You’re not even doing anything. You’re just,

is there a motto or you do you just hang out in like bars and cafes and like take cute pictures with like coffees, but I’m sure, but you did with, it’s a lot of work. Yeah it is. So basically, um, I mean it depends what your niche is, but from my case, um, it’s beauty and fashion and lifestyle. So I work a lot with brands like fashion brands or beauty brands. And so basically they will, um, either you can approach them or they will approach you. I have an agent. So which is great as well cause it frees up a lot of time and they can give you sponsorships so they can give you a deal of like amongst a deal for like five pictures or 10 pictures or 20 pictures. And then you basically take pictures for them and you post them.

So what, like is this slide into your DNA just like you didn’t mind. I so did do they message you or do you message them?

Um, most of the time they messaged me. I mean my, my agent takes care of it.

So you have an Asian now, so, so what does it, what does an agent for Sram agent

let’s take, um, we’ll do all of your aide. So brands contact you through email. You, you, all you can do is like put your email into the bio or like now you actually have the contact. Yeah. And Instagram. Yeah. It depends if you have a professional or like that doesn’t even matter. Like having a professional, personal, personal account. Um, so they do contact you through email and my agent basically like negotiates the deal with them. And then she takes a percentage

So what’s like a reasonable deal for like how do people calculate how much they pay you? Like how does that all work?

Yeah, it’s a, um, I mean it depends cause if brands are very different, they’re like big brands, like huge brands that um, are gonna have a huge budget. Um, like for example, pretty little thing. They’re like huge. Um, they actually pay celebrities as well. Um, so it really depends on then you have also like brands that are just like starting out. They have a smaller budget. Um, but I mean it’s, it’s always different, but you do have to have it like your set rates and the way you can like determine your rate. I think there’s like a formula, but I don’t remember it. It’s like, I don’t know,

that was a big mystery

I used to have it, but I don’t like, um, I think like if you have, let’s say you have a hundred like the organic following, um, you could ask up to, I would say up to 300 euros for a picture. Even more. Like I, I had a brand actually like the most that I got. I don’t know if I can say that I had like a, a big, um, entertainment company. Um, the deal was I think it was 1,541 picture for a picture. Yeah. But that was like, that was like one

Okay, so brand deals, right. So give us an example of like a, you don’t have to say like what company it was, but like those brands that pay you every single month to just like do to take pictures and, yeah. Yeah

So usually, usually it’s always important that you sign a contract because they’re actually, so they’re influencers that aren’t serious, but they’re also brands that are not serious at all. So always make sure you are legally protected, um, and you, um, you know, use, you have them sign an agreement that’s very important. I know it’s kind of annoying, but you gotta get your paperwork done. So it’s basically like a salary for like 10 posts a month or two posts a week. Um, so you can negotiate that. Yeah.

How much is like, yeah, you have to say the company name

Um, I I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was like, um, high four figures, like seven k something around that day. It was a lot of pictures

Seven K per month just to like look cute in the Coney shop

I mean I don’t want [inaudible] taught to take pictures for Instagram cause it’s an art

Yeah. No it isn’t our, it was fun. It was funny. We were at this place in the French Riviera, um, Kevin [inaudible], Kevin don’t TB. Uh, and it was just so funny. Like, cause I, when I take a picture I just like take like a sloppy like sweaty selfie and she’s like, no. Like it doesn’t like line up like the, the background is not right with like your outfit and like all of this stuff is actually like a lot of work. Like I always like to get in lighting. Right. I always joke around like, cause it just, it seems like Instagram influencers are just like hot, am I going to do anything? But it’s actually like a lot of work. I mean, but getting paid seven grand a month just from one company to like take photos is pretty cool

If you don’t have anyone to take your photos or you like you, you don’t know how to take photos with a different me. Yeah, no, so not, you can just hire a photographer and give them like a percentage or even have them like they could work for free. I mean not work for free, but you can have like an agreement with them. Like I have photographers reaching out to me like yeah, exactly. Like I would tag them so you can like do all kinds of sorts of like collapsed

Yeah. And there’s always like photographers that want to like get started and like, you know, if you tag them it’s like worth it for them to take care of those

because you have the followers so it gives them traffic. So it’s a win win

Yeah. I mean I always talk about like the number one thing that everyone should be doing is building a personal brand. Like when you have a personal brand, like if you want to sell a product you can do that. If you want to do affiliate marketing you can do that. If you want brands to pay, you can do that. Right? Because I was telling you eggs in one basket. Yeah. I mean I was just, I just did a collaboration with the church twins and like they were getting like crazy deals on youtube too. Like you know like people are getting all types of deals on Instagram and youtube cause those, you know, companies are realizing it’s, it’s more profitable for them to do influencer marketing than it is to do traditional marketing in a lot of ways. And so it’s like a win win for both you and the company

Cause our followers are targeted, you know, our people follow you because they love you and they love what you stand for and you have a specific niche that’s way more targeted and blasting something on the radio or on a TV

Yeah. It’s like, you know, and like gun companies aren’t going to like approach you to like post pictures of their guns and he’s like that’s not what you do. Right. Any weird comes on. He’s approach me though sliding near the hands. Okay. So that’s, that’s method one, right? The brand deals. What’s like another way that people are making money? Like being on Instagram

on Instagram or on Youtube. I mean on Instagram another way you can do like you can do affiliate marketing, which is basically if you promote a product you can get a small cut of the sale, which is like, well if you want Kevin Davis Channel, you know, getting like a small percentage, like 10 to 20% or even more off of a product. Um, and internet is kind of hard to link stuff, but the way you can do it is the swipe up with the stories. Like stories are amazing. Yeah. Cause you can put anything in there. Like you can do videos, you can do pictures, you can pre edit the pictures. Like you can basically, there’s so many cool apps to do like um, professional looking, um, stories. Now and you can just do the swipe up. Oh you need as a minimum of, I think it’s 10 k followers. So you basically add the link, do a swipe up. And that’s like that’s how I promote my brand a lot

Yeah. So she has a brand as well. Right? Cause like when you are an Instagram or, or you have a personal brand, you don’t only have to do brand deals or affiliate marketing, you can create your own company as well. Yeah

I would say don’t. Yeah cause you did. Yeah. Don’t, don’t put all your eggs in one basket because I companies will love working with you, but they can like drop you at any time if they have had like their promotion. So it’s, that’s the only downside is it’s not guaranteed income every month unless like I’ve got contracts for like six months or so. But even then, like after the six months are up there, it’s not guaranteed that they will renew. So you always want to make sure you invest in you and your brand because that will never fail you

Yeah. So let’s talk about your actual brand. So you, you started seeing ecommerce brands, right?

Yeah, I saw always trainers. Um, do you want one? No, it’s just so funny how, how he got started. Like everything kind of like lined up. Um, and I dunno, I was just using, I actually was doing affiliate marketing for a waist trainer brand and they were like, I didn’t really like the quality and I was like I can do better. And I was making three k a month just by promoting that brand. Like I would do like what one video on youtube where the waist trainer and then just because I have like, um, the link in the description box, people would buy it and I would get like three k a month just from that. But I wanted something like, I dunno, I just wanted something more quality. Yeah. And that’s how we got started

I love that. Right. Yeah. Cause people don’t realize like with Youtube, uh, people are like, how do you do affiliate marketing? With Youtube, it’s like you just make videos that people want to watch and then you, you where or, or use the product or you don’t even have to sell it. Like you going to literally do like a my like, waist trainer workout or like what I do with waist trainers and you make a video about it and you just put the link in the description and it’s like literally that simple

I’m going to say one thing though. You gotta be authentic. Like you cannot, um, promote, I’m very strict about what I promote. I turned down like 90% of the, that I get because I’m, I d I don’t promote to promote. I actually promote, only promote products that I really use and my audience knows that. And that’s how you’re gonna gain the trust of your audience. Because there, there were so many like influencers that just did not care, right? I mean, not so many, but there are some. Um, and it, it just like you have to, you know, if you want to build a loyal following, you have to promote something that, um, you actually use in like, I’m very like I’m very, um, strict on that

Yeah. I think, um, I think as Warren Buffett who said it takes 20 years to build a reputation in 20 minutes to lose it. So it’s like if you’re inauthentic, people can like feel that I’m in, I always say the same thing when I teach people like affiliate marketing with software, with you know, digital courses with products on clickbank and things like that. Like you should really only be affiliate marketing products that you believe in and have a track record in history of like quality that people are actually liking because you know, if you just promote anything and everything, like it’s just a matter of time until something bad happens or it’s like a terrible quality product or somebody has a bad experience or something like that. Yeah. And so what would you, what advice would you give people like to get started? Like, cause people see, you know, big Instagram influencers or youtube or as in they’re like, wow, that looks so awesome. But it’s like, how could I possibly get to that 500,000 followers or whatever? Yeah

First of all, don’t get discouraged by people that have success. Use it to fuel you. You know, there are always people that are going to have more than you though. It’s going to be people that are less, um, you should be your own competition. Um, and just get started. Like don’t get like, what is it called? Analysis paralysis. Like don’t just like procrastinate. You have to get started. And in the beginning it might be a little bit like you have to work a little bit harder, but create, um, high quality content and be consistent. That’s the most important people usually give up before they see results. Um, in the beginning you’re not gonna see like instant results. Um, but once you do, it’s like exponential and you can like do it. You can become an influencer, like as like a side thing, right? You don’t have to like quit your job and go like, full Yolo

Do that

Yeah. Like just like, like do it as a side thing while you have like your job. Right. And like take it seriously

Weekends I take like

yeah. And like what you’ll see is it’ll start to like become something over time. Right. And then once like your influencer or your personal brand or whatever you’re like working on your side, hustle becomes, you know, as similar or, or even surpasses what you’re making in your job, then you can kind of like full commit rather than like, just like cutting everything, burning the boats and like, oh yeah, go on. Yolo. I mean like there’s two, there’s two schools of thoughts. Like I do think you should Yolo in a certain, in a certain way because you need like enough time to be able to like fully commit, but you also have to afford to like eat and like pay rent and like do things like that. Yeah. Yeah

And Yeah, like last thing I want to say is like, [inaudible] be personal, be yourself. Um, people love it when you are, you know, when you’re inspiring, when you’re talking about your story. Because people like to connect. Um, if you’re just saying things or like writing things like a robot, it’s not going to like, you have to be able to move people and not saying like go like tell your life story, but just like try to be inspiring, um, and try to help people, like giving value is the best way to connect with people

Yeah. I mean marketing has changed, right? Like marketing used to be like direct response where you just like put an ad in the newspaper and people are like, now it’s like content marketing, right? Where are you? Like, you know, you meet people, you like people’s personalities, you vibe with them and like, yeah. And then, and only then people trust you enough to like, you know, buy something from you that you recommend or something like that. And so if you care more about adding value and helping people, you’ll actually make more money that way than if you try to just like sell stuff. It’s like a very can feel it. You can feel it. And you know, there’s so many different options nowadays with the Internet that it’s like if you don’t have a connection with someone then there’s just no reason why they buy from you or, or get something from you instead of someone else

And so, you know, the more you care, you know, the more you you show love, the more people will buy from you all right guys. And that is literally how you become an Instagram or youtube influencer or building a personal brand nowadays is like the new and best way that you can really create like a substantial business, help people and kind of do it all on your own, right? Because like having a some big office and having like a bunch of employees is a lot of complexity. It’s a lot of stress, it’s a lot of work. But you can do, you can create our very large business like literally by yourself leveraging social media, Instagram and youtube. And so that’s like a little glimpse into the life of an Instagram influencer. And you know, all you gotta do to get featured on my channel is just DME slide into my and is like a Coco Lilly did. And then you never know what might happen

I would also like a really good article, And if you guys are interested in learning more about how to make money on Instagram, check out this article right here where we teach you exactly how to make $1,000 or more per day from Instagram. See you there. All right, what is up guys? In this article, we’re going to be teaching you how a complete beginner can start earning $500 or more per day with zero money to start on Instagram. If that sounds too good to be true, check out some of these testimonials right here. Cause my boys taught thousands of people


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