How to start a Blog

How to start a Blog to make money?  The Ultimate Step by Step guide for Beginners

The internet is a pretty famous place to be making money in the present world. People are more interested in doing a business over the internet rather than going through the traditional 9 – 12-hour jobs. They are both frustrating and less economic than these online jobs. So, without a doubt making money through online modes is definitely the hot topic these days. It is easier, it is simpler and it is definitely a much more efficient way to make some cash. So, in this article let us walk you down the lane and provide the answers on how to start a Blog to make money.

As mentioned before there are so many methods which help you to make money through the internet. But among all those methods that are there for you, you should definitely try out to start an online Blog free. There are certain steps, and though it is easy you could go wrong. The most important thing is getting a proper audience to your articles. So, it is the best for you to keep your fingers crossed and read on this article – because in this we give you absolutely everything that is there to know about how to start a Blog to make money.

Well, enough of the prep talk – let us get started with the serious stuff.


First of all – what is a Blog?

In very simple words, we could say that it is a normal website but with more written stuff than the others.

The craziest thing about these is that there is no limit when it comes to the topics that you have to write about. You can simply pick something that interests you and write about it for the fellow peeps that find the same topic interesting.

But the main problem that many people have is; who will read my Blog?

Well, there is no specific answer for that.

But, we could assure you this.

People who share the same interests will only if you make it in the proper way. No one is willing to spend their time through a very boring site, it should definitely look good and compel the visitors to stay, read and comment. That is because in this field, good writing is one qualification but there are more. And since you get to have direct interaction with the readers it should be maintained properly. This will definitely open the gates of money.


Why should you start blogging ?

Before we talk about how to start blogging, or actually about Blog how to start, we better start with telling you why you should start writing one.

There are a few intriguing reasons that can be put forth to make you understand why this is important. And these will actually help you understand why you should not delay it either.

Well, here they are;


  • You get to make money

This actually is the most important reason as for anyone to start blogging. The experienced and the top-notch ones make quite a lot in the world, but even the part-time writers keep up with a very good pace on earning. Hence, it is important that you think about how to start a Blog that makes money, because you can make quite a living from this.


  • You get to share about something you love

Writing about something we love is a very rare opportunity because most of the time we are supposed to write to meet someone else’s standards. The topics and the scope are almost always predetermined in a website or so. But in these, you are actually free to write about anything that you love. You are free as a bird and if you are talented and creative, you can definitely reach places.


  • Get a recognition for yourself

Your latest post will not get you paparazzi following you all day and all night, but that is not true recognition as well. You get to be recognised in your field, and people will actually start loving you for being who you are. If you are a professional in any field, then this is the best way to show your colours as a pro in what you do. A well – maintained Blog could help you become a well – maintained person in your field, and will get you recognised as someone talented.


  • Find a community

As mentioned before, this is an interactive process and it helps you to make friends with people who have the same interests as you. When you write about something people comment and reply on it, there are even people who add content and give suggestions so that you get proper advice to maintain the Blog properly. They help you achieve your dreams and you offer them something they love to read about. And bum – you get yourself a community of people who love what you do, and are ready to share their thoughts with you.

Well, you must now understand why you should definitely start with this. It is simply not limited to writing and posting. It is more. It has more and it will definitely bring more.

So, if you have a passion for writing and a thrill to start sharing, then this would actually be the best thing for you.


How to start a Blog for money making?

Worried about, how to create a Blog and make money for free? Read this section to find answers!

Even before considering the profitability part, many of you should be wandering on how do I start Blog?

Well, the procedure is pretty simple. And one important thing that you have to understand is that this is not rocket science. You do not have to have a software engineering or computer science degree in order to start one of your own.

If you are a person who is looking for information on how to Blog then you should definitely not skip this section, because we are going to talk about that very same topic.



How do you actually start one of these online platforms?

First of all, let me make this clear. It is an easy task, but you should not make it too easy to begin with. Downloading WordPress to your device or using some other platform and publishing your stuff will not make you any more of a blogger than the neighbours’ kid who is playing with the Ludo set.

There are some very important steps that you should follow in order to become a good one.

Well, the following steps will guide you through the initial process on how to start a Blog successfully.


  1. You have to first pick your Niche. This will help you get a pretty good name as well.

This is the answer you were seeking to the problem, how to start my own blog? The only requirement that you have to have at the first steps is a topic. If you are out of ideas and do not know what to do with all those ideas – then, my friend, you are in trouble.

You need to have a pretty good niche that you love and would definitely spend time talking about.

Then select a good name that is catchy, easy to remember and have a meaning. This is the name that the people will know, so make sure that you make it with great care.


  1. Get it up and running in the internet.

Since you now have a theme and a name, you should probably get started with the setting up process. But this is not harder or difficult than anything else that concerns computers or internet.

With a Blog hosting – which is a company that will store your articles and send them to the people when requested, and a blogging software – which will help you create it in the first place, you are good to go.

There are so many software and hosting sites that will help you through the task, and we shall discuss about them later in this article.


  1. Customize it as you wish

You can change and set the look of your Blog as you wish. This gives you the opportunity to set it in a way that is unique, that will define what you are writing about and be compelling to the visitors. There are sites that allow you to get this done for free (which we shall discuss later). But the important task is that you have to set it in a unique way so that yours will look prettier among the rest.

Well that was all about setting up and now we shall talk about blogging how to get started.


  1. Write and publish your first post

You are now ready to put your very first article. if you are using WordPress, you can click to the menu on your left and then go to the submenu named Posts.

There will be one on default and you can delete it and add something of your own. Make sure that you get your first post an extremely catchy one, because people will be deciding on whether or not to keep reading what you add.


  1. Promote it

The next big step, after creating anything is promoting it. For this you need more than just skills in writing. You have to get readers for your Blog and you have to make people actually visit it. There are many method`s that you can try out like sharing links in Social media, or you can even try email marketing.

The first thing you have to remember is that you should in no way make yourself a burden to your readers. If they feel as if you are troubling them, you might lose your readers forever.


  1. Make money!

After you put in the effort of doing all of the above steps, you get the opportunity to open the doors of money through your site. There are few methods that you could actually get started with this, and we shall talk about them later in this article.

So, now you know how to start a Blog for free with nothing but five very basic steps, right?

There is more amazing stuff so read on!!!


How to start your own Blog for free?

Since, we have discussed about the basic methods of how to start a Blog of your own (either for free or not), we shall now discuss the methods that are there to get you up and about.

When talking about how to start an online Blog you must definitely have heard the term WordPress quite often, right?

Well that is because it is the best blogging platform that is there to get you started at a zero investment.

So, how to start a Blog WordPress?

This is actually a very simple platform and as it is free, many people are involved with it and use the privileges to get their tasks done.

Started in the year of 2003, this software offers you the best answer when it comes to the depriving question of how to open my own Blog for free?

They are a blogging software that grants you access to control your entire website for free, and allow you to make your Blog grow with features and posts for no additional costs.

Another great thing about them is that they offer you the opportunity to completely customize it. The only requirement that you will have to fulfil is learning how to manage the more advanced features. Other than that, there is nothing easier and better that offers you the control, features, SEO friendliness and the appearance as much as this software.

WordPress has their Blog hosting service which will help you through the stuff.


How to start a blog and make money for free?

Now that you know everything that is there to know about how to start a blog free, you should be eager to learn about how to earn money with them.

Well matey, so am I.

In this section of this article let me get you the basic methods to get yourself a hustle money blog.


You can use these methods to make money off your blog.

  • Add ads to your blog, CPC, CPM or even private Ads get you a decent amount of money. But make sure that your page does not fill with advertisements, or else it will make your readers look like you are entirely after money and nothing else.
  • Add links to affiliate websites. If you are a good writer, you will get offers by sellers who will like to sell through your blog.
  • If you are not into advertising you could sell your own links with the use of your own blog. Well, for a starter try with eBooks or online courses.
  • You can even sell memberships to your own blog. But for that you need to build proper content and credible corners in your blog. If people start to believe that getting a membership to your site will do them good, then they sure will purchase them.
  • If you are not into selling anything to your readers, there is another option that is really easy. Try writing content marketing products in to your blog. This will get you money from the sellers as well as the buyers if you were to add links. You can use a separate section for content marketing, and this will provide you more doors to explore the fields of online earning than ever before.

Well, now you know several easy but very effective methods to get yourself some money through the use of your own blog.

So why wait! Start your own business now!


What is a blogger?

As this is a tutorial for bloggers, we should definitely talk about everything that is there, right? Well, as we have already talked about the craziest methods that are there on how to blog to make money online, we shall now talk about what really a blogger is.

Well this is a blog-publishing service that provides the new web writers to put their thoughts into the internet with the use of these. It is designed to provide the ease of use for the beginners in the field.

If you are really new to blogging you could simply try this free app, because it helps you achieve so many things at a low to no cost. Well, for an example, you could try working with the Google products or photos or other social networks and link them to what you write. This is a system that is provided by Google, so, I guess you get the point.

This service is available in not less than 60 languages and you get country specific addresses as well. So, it is very simple to customize your page as per your wish.


How to start a blog with Bluehost?

When it comes to designing a blog, you need to have a host – we talked about this earlier.

There are many host providing services in the world, but among all of them, Bluehost ranks in the number one. So, in this section we shall talk about Bluehost. We shall discuss about the method that you can join them and how you can use Bluehost with WordPress.

Well, first of all we shall talk about how to use Bluehost, right?

You have to first login to their website. Then you have to setup the domain email account in their website using the email accounts button that is in the top of the page. This will allow you to create an account with them. you get the chance to block spam as well as include your contact addresses and customise your account.

Once it is done, you have to add your logo/s and make it personnel.

Then you are completely free to add and manage your files as well as to use the other options that are offered by them.

The use of Bluehost is very popular among the bloggers given that they have paid packages that are incredibly affordable and it supports WordPress rather easily.

They have a higher uptime and a very fast loading time which offers you with the chance to keep your blog in the top of the search list.

It is easy to use and if you are a complete beginner, let me say that this is the best method for you to get started with your journey ahead.


Well, now you know how to get started with it as well as the best features that is provided by them. So now we can talk about how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost.

First of all, let me say that Bluehost makes the use of WordPress super easy and you will definitely love it.

So, here are the steps that you should follow;

  • Register your domain name.
  • Then you have to buy hosting. It is best to choose the basic package which is the cheapest.
  • Now you can connect the domain to your hosting. But if your domain is through Bluehost you do not have to do this.
  • Now you should install WordPress into your Bluehost. This is free! When you have set an account the hosting service provides you a free guide on how to use the package.
  • You can pick a theme that you really like and then click on start building. There is nothing technical in here!

With these simple steps you are good to go!

See, did I not tell you that this is very simple!


Things to keep in mind

Well, here are a few things for you to keep in mind.

  • Write about something you love, because that is what matters the most.
  • Make it creative and catchy and pleasing.
  • Go for money but keep your readers the top priority.
  • And finally, promote it among your friends as much as you can.

So, this is the end of out how to start a blog to make money article. hope you are ready to start trying by now!