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I’m just going to grab the Green Marker here and I’m just going to draw a little line down the middle of this product. Then I’m going to click the red one. I’m going to draw the red line on the background and I just made $5 four I’m not kidding, 30 seconds of my time doing a single one of these if I have to. I did two of them, 30 seconds each. Two Times $5 is $10 in a single minute. And literally all I had to do ,

What is it?

In this article I’m going to be teaching you how you can make up to $10 per minute simply by drawing lines. Oh yeah. In the best part, all you need to do this is a computer and an Internet connection and you can do it from anywhere in the world. So before we actually get into this, guys, as always, if you like money and if you like the strongest money making family on Youtube, make sure you tap the subscribe button. Because if you have it, why not? Right? We are working hard to put out the best strategies to possibly start making money online to get rid of that nine to five job forever and ditch that cubicle for the rest of your life to live a life of freedom. So without further ado, what the heck are we talking about and how the heck can you make $10 per minute simply by drawing lines?

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably at least heard of Amazon and Amazon FBA. Literally, this is the largest group in the world. This is my group, 103,404 members. Um, you know, there’s other ones with 49,000, a 61,000, right? A 48,000. So there’s a ton of these massive Amazon groups. And why does that matter? Well, the reason that that matters is because if we look right here, we can see that there’s all of these different products. And what do we notice is the similarity between all of these products? Well, they all have, you know, a beautiful picture and they all, because Amazon is smart and they want to maintain the actual aesthetics and the look and feel of their website, they force, they mandate that all images on Amazon, of which there’s hundreds of thousands of sellers just like you and me. They mandate that all of those images have at this same transparent background so that it actually looks white on the actual Amazon site,

And so what we can actually do is use that to our advantage. And so how do we do that? The way that we actually take advantage of that is by going over to a fiber, and again, fiber is available to anyone in the world is actually sign up. Um, it takes just a few minutes to go ahead and create an actual, um, account to be able to sell on fiber. Um, and so what these all are, are actually called end gigs. And basically what a Gig is, it’s just a specific service that you can offer. And so if we come into Fiverr and type remove background, we can see that there’s, you know, 498 reviews, 153 (420) 180-2167 right? And basically what these services are offering is they’ll remove the background of your actual photo, right? Most of the time they’re actually removing the background of a product photo,

So you can even optimize your listing to say things like remove background of product picture, right? All these different searches that millions of people are actually looking at and looking for on Fiverr every single month. And the cool thing is you can see there’s so many different reviews for these specific things on all of these different sellers, right? So it’s not like only a single person is getting all of the sales, all of these different people are getting sales. This guy has a thousand reviews. So you can tell if there’s absolutely massive demand for this very simple strategy. And so how do you actually remove the background? Very quickly and efficiently because you want to figure out a way where you can remove the background and make it look really nice and beautiful, but also do that in a very, very easy, simple, free and most importantly fast way so that you can actually do a lot of these and start really earning some money doing it,

And so the magic of the strategy actually comes in with this site we’re about to talk about. So what we’re going to talk about is actually called clipping magic. And what clipping magic allows you to do. This is the strategy that I actually teach my students, um, inside of my Amazon FBA program to be able to actually remove the background of some of their own product photos if they’re trying to save money, um, and you know, do it themselves. And so all you literally have to do with clipping magic is upload the photo, um, with the background that you need removed. And then all you have to do is click on the little green icon, um, right here, um, that you see up here on the top left and use it to paint. Or basically scribble on the foreground subject, right? So the product itself, um, then all you have to do is select the red icon up here, and then you scribble on the background,

You literally draw in that line and get your Inner Picasso on. And all you have to do is basically use the green one to identify what the product is, what you want to keep, and then use the red one to identify what the background is. And then clipping magic. It does everything else for you. And you can literally do a single image, um, in 30 seconds or less. And you can get paid. You can see on Fiverr right here, there’s, you know, they’re all start at $5 $5 $5 to remove the background of a single photo. And so if you can do one image in 30 seconds, right? That means you can do two images in one minute. And if you’re getting paid $5 for each image, two images times $5 is $10 per minute to remove the background of photos for something like Amazon FBA, which has hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people actually participating in it and meeting this service,

And so clipping magic is an amazing service that allows you to do this with so little effort. They do charge I think three 99 a month for 15 images. Um, they also charge I believe seven 99 a month for a hundred images. So if you literally sell two of these on Fiverr, you cover it up to a hundred images, right? So if you actually sell all a hundred images that they, that they allow you to use, um, that’s a hundred times $5 is $500 and you only had to spend seven 99 per month to have access to this tool. So it’s totally worth it. It’s a super obvious choice. All you have to do is to set up a quick gig on Fiverr and then you are going to start to get orders. But we do have even one more trick for you. And so first of all, just so you guys understand this, you can make so much more than $5 per image because oftentimes these big companies are e-commerce companies are big Amazon brands will actually have like 10 2030 50 even sometimes a hundred different images of products that they actually need.

The background’s removed very quickly so you can organize custom deals where they’re going to send you a hundred different images and you know you can charge them $400 for those images for all a hundred and literally just to use a clipping magic, it costs you, you know, seven 99 to do that. You can charge 400 even $500 if you ever do get those bulk orders. But again, you can’t have access to that unless you actually take action and put this strategy into place. Create a free Fiverr account, get an actual gig up, but you can actually advertise it in even more ways than just that. Something that I recommend doing is looking at the most popular gigs for removing of background. Sometimes they’ll have upgrades or upsells where they’ll, you know, they’ll charge you $5 more for delivering it in an hour or a day or something like that And once you start to get a ton of orders actually coming in, you can hire, you know, virtual assistants and things and that might seem hard to believe for you now, but you can really build a business using fiber if you know how with upsells and things like that. So look at the people who are actually doing it the best, see what they’re offering as their upsells or, uh, additional things that they’re adding to their gig. And then if it makes sense to you and you can offer it and fulfill it, then you can add those same upsells to your game. Another thing that you can do is go ahead and join a lot of the big Amazon FBA Facebook groups and then message the moderators or message the actual owners of the group and ask them if you can actually provide this service and you know, remove backgrounds for the um, the users of this group and tell them that you’ll give them an affiliate commission every time that you actually get a sale

Right? Or you can just look for people who are asking, you know, for, for product photography and things like that and you can help them for free and then message them that you can actually perform this service for them once they actually get their photos taken. You can also post this gig on Facebook marketplace. You can do it on craigslist. There’s all this type of demand for this particular service since E-comm is exploding so massively that if you actually put yourself out there and start advertising that you offer this service, you can take massive advantage of this. And all it takes is just one large company who wants 20 photos at the same time, 30 photos at the same time, 50 photos at the same time, right? That you can start earning some serious money doing this. And especially if you can actually start to get some reviews, um, you know, from family or friends or from people who actually order your gig from a craigslist or, or these Facebook groups or however you get your first customers, right?

You have to hustle to get those first customers. Once you start to get a few reviews on fiber, you’ll start to get more and more actual people ordering your Gig. And then once you actually have those people ordering it, then it really starts to snowball and you start to get more and more people interested and it can really take off. And so this is a really great way that you can get started earning some fast cash. You can really make a significant amount of startup money doing this, but if you’re looking for a way to actually start earning a six figure income or more leveraging the power of the Internet and working from anywhere in the world with your laptop, then you definitely want to check out this link right here in the description a, we call it online profit engine. So a lot of people were telling me, Kevin, you know, we want to learn about all this stuff, you that you actually, but give us something that’s super affordable

So for the first time ever, we’re going to be teaching you Amazon, FBA, Shopify, SMMA, Facebook ads, click funnels, and affiliate marketing. Literally for less than a cup of coffee for only $7 you can get an introduction to the five best ways to really create a scalable online business of $100,000 or more. And so check out this link right here. Online profit engines where we’re going to teach you again, Amazon, FBA, Shopify, Facebook ads, affiliate marketing, and click funnels for just $7. Definitely take advantage of it right now though, because I do not know how long we’re going to keep that offer. I’m so ridiculously low. Take advantage of it guys. We’ve had people create six and even seven figure businesses literally from this $7 product right here. So take advantage if you want to create a real sustainable six figure or more income business just working from your computer. And if you liked it, this video, then definitely check out this video right here where we teach you how you can make 400 or more dollars per week simply by chatting with strangers. See you there. In today’s video, we’re gonna be talking about three different websites where you can get paid to chat with Rangers and so to think of yourself, Evan, how do I get paid?


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